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The provision of workshops will depend on need and requests made. They can run on an individual basis or in small groups. I very much look forward to working with parents and children in a practical way. Developments in this area will be posted on the website as they occur.

'Developing fine grained intervention programmes to ensure progress for the dyslexic learner.' - available upon request



Recommended Reading

"The dyslexic advantage - Unlocking the hidden potential of the dyslexic brain" - Dr Brock L. Eide & Dr Fernette F. Eide

ISBN 978-1-84850-639-8

HayHouse publishers

Recommended Viewing


Left from Write - what is Dyslexia ?  This is a 45 minute documentary about dyslexia. It tells the personal story of discovery of the narrator and combines interviews with dyslexics and experts. It gives a fascinating insight into the advantages that go along with being dyslexic. Feargal ó Lideadha from Left From Write ( has allowed permission for his documentary video to be displayed on this site.

'Left from write' gives a very good overview of dyslexia. It recognises the strengths that people with dyslexia can have, while also acknowledging the challenges it can pose in education, work and life. It gives a very positive and balanced message about dyslexia.

Rosie Bissett, Director/CEO Dyslexia Association of Ireland



"Stop Climbing, Start Swimming: The hidden advantages of dyslexia", a TED Talk by Jonathan Buchanan.