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Training in Dyslexia – accreditated by Irish Teaching Council/Department of Education and British Dyslexia Association(BDA)

Apr 01 2015
Confused woman reading a book with question marks coming out from it

High Quality Training in Dyslexia / accreditated by the Irish Teaching Council /Department of Education and British Dyslexia Association(BDA) New Masters programme in Dyslexia from St Patrick's College Drumcondra Moving from a medical model of Dyslexia to an educational one, St Patrick's College Drumcondra will be offering a new two-year Master of Education in Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) from September 2015. This will be open to qualified teachers at all levels and will provide teachers with a high level of knowledge and understanding which will enable them to teach students with dyslexia as well as carrying out assessments. Students will be able to apply for AMBDA status(associate member of British Dyslexia Association) and associated APC (Assessment Practising Certificate) More information is available from

Individualised Programme of Support

Oct 02 2014

Following assessment, a fine grained intervention programme needs to be put in place in order to secure progress in reading and spelling for the dyslexic learner.

A skills analysis needs to be carried out in the first instance. This will inform long term objectives and allow progress to be measured.

Key Elements of an Intervention programme


Short, sharp and often

Reading programme with phonological awareness training

Structured phonics programme

Spelling with dictation

Precision teaching

Memory strategies

Metacognitive skills development